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Nike+ Kinect Training: Your Nike personal trainer at homeNike+ Kinect Training offers personalized Nike training in your home, using Kinect for Xbox 360 to track your every move so you get real-time coaching.Personalized ProgramYour program evolves as you do. Real-time coaching helps you get closer to your personal goal with each workout. Your Nike personal trainer will first assess your body and range of motion, then give you a four-week training program tailored specifically to you. As your body evolves, Nike+ Kinect Training intelligently adjusts your workouts to keep you challenged and motivated.Benchmark Your ProgressTrack your progress with Fuel Print, a unique measurement of your fitness and athleticism. Establish your benchmark and see your improvements over time. See how you stack up against the community and friends.Train With FriendsConnect with friends across Nike+ and Xbox communities around the world. Earn NikeFuel and take part in global challenges or challenge your friends to beat your score. Work out in real time with a friend and drive each other to reach your goals. (Xbox LIVE Gold subscription required.)Get the Free AppWith the Nike+ Kinect Training app (available for iOS and Windows mobile), you can:Access your console activityTrack your program progress and explore your workoutsConnect and cheer on friendsPrepare for upcoming sessionsWhat Else You NeedXbox 360Kinect SensorESRB Rating: E
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Review 1 for Nike+ Kinect Training
Overall rating 3 reviews
3.0 / 5
3.0 / 5

My fitness journey

, Oct 10, 2013
,Renton, wa
I Train primarily for:Basketball
slightly high quality
Low quality
High quality
"The game is made extremely well. If your interested in getting the game and starting right away training, hold you're horses! This is where you might be a little inpatient, and want to turn the game off. It takes you through a complete assessment before you can really get your sweat on. The game would be a little better of you could do partner training also, my wife got board watching me go through all the motions and couldn't join in. Aside from that fun to train and earn badges, wish they added up to a real cash value discount or something else cool I could buy to aid my fitness."
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Review 2 for Nike+ Kinect Training
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5.0 / 5
5.0 / 5

if you want to lose weight and get tone you need to use it

, Jun 19, 2013
,Miami, FL, USA
I run:0-15 miles a week
I run primarily to:Stay in shape
"Best product on the market, why pay for a fitness trainer. this Is P90X with a senser. And 10 times cheaper I highly recommend it. I lost 40 pounds in 3 months with diet and working out 3 to 5 times a week. I am addicted to earning Nike fuel"
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Review 3 for Nike+ Kinect Training
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5.0 / 5

Better Than Advertised

, Nov 29, 2012
,Orting, WA, USA
very high quality
Low quality
High quality
"NIKE has some of the, if not the, best advertising/marketing on the planet hands down. But they missed the mark on this one...they haven't presented it as valuable as it really is. This program has our entire family connected in working out, better our health, competing with each other, and having a blast. We literally fight for time each day - READ: We are fighting over the chance to exercise.
Beyond that, we're all in different levels, use different trainers, and have different abilities. We've all improved. The exercises change to our abilities. There are rewards for accomplishments and motivations to do more. I add my NIKE Fuel Band and follow that progress as well. I feel like I've got a 'personal' personal trainer for my whole family at the cost of a DVD Game. Pretty cool deal if you ask me...
What NIKE Trainer doesn't include:
~Trips to the gym & gym fees
~Personal Trainer expense and 'subject' advice
~The need to 'schedule' to another s Open times or availability.
Recommendation: Buy it, stick to it, tell your friends and family. You'll all be the healthier for it."
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Posted byTumberry
,Dubai , UAE
onMar 4, 2013
Kindly add the following points in the game online update.
1. Add a beginner skill level for users like us to excercise in a well paced manner to avoid getting DOMS ( sore muscles after exercising suddenly), so we can continue the next workout and not wait for 3 days till our body recovers.
2. To add a food diet program. Since this is xbox, they have to consider all possibilities from all perspectives and not only fitness professionals perspective who are well educated in diets.Like myself am a lazy person whose only physical activity is walking. In that case i would hope that im told wat to eat so my body has something to burn.
3. To add subtitles when the trainee speaks, since myself and wife are training, i've noticed that my wife doesn't completely understand the English well, although its perfect. It is because she is an Arab. But she can read, and i know re-dubbing the whole game in Arabic is not possible, hence a simple subtitle will do.
4. Heart rate monitor, should be there.
Overall the game is great for lazy people. :)
Although i was under the impression that this game was made for the demotivated overweight people who are too lazy for a gym , and not the fit people who prefer working at home.
But really really , its a great game, worth every penny spent.
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